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The uCsimm module is a microcontroller module built specifically for the uClinux Operating System. It stands an inch high, with a standard 30-pin SIMM form factor. The uCsimm is a perfect microcontroller for embedded systems that require stability, single process functionality, and ethernet capability, in a compact and modular form factor. There are innumerable uses for the uCsimm, but in the past, it has been used as everything from a webserver to a Programmable Logic Controller.

Photo of uCsimm

The uCsimm: Good things come in small packages.

The uCsimm is driven by a Motorola DragonBall 68EZ328 processor, and comes well equiped with 2 MB of FLASH and 8Mb of DRAM. We have also included a 10Base-T ethernet and RS 232 high-speed serial. There is also a built-in LCD panel driver capable of displaying QVGA at a resolution of 320 x 240.

We have also taken a few pictures of the first completed prototypes. You can view them at http://www.uclinux.com/uC68EZ328.

For a pin out description, read this product brief: http://www.uclinux.com/uC68EZ328/uC68EZ328.pdf.

If you would like join the uCsimm mailing list please send an email to ucsimm-request@uClinux.com with the command "subscribe ucsimm" in the body of the message, or click [here] if you have browser-supported email.

For those interested, the board has:

  • a 16MHz 68EZ328 DragonBall Microcontroller
  • 8 MB DRAM
  • 21 General Purpose I/O pins (or up to 13 with a graphic LCD panel enabled)
  • a built-in display driver, capable of driving a monochrome LCD panel up to QVGA resolution (640x480)
  • 10Base-T Ethernet Controller Chip
  • RS-232 Serial Support
  • High speed (1Mbit/sec) I2C or SPI 3 wire serial
  • a 3.3 Volt draw. When idle, it draws only microamps.
The module has been tested with a port of RTLinux 0.9J. A copy of an early oscilloscope tracing can be found on the uCsimm Real-time port page.

To get started, all you need is a 3.3Volt power supply, a SIMM socket and a serial cable.

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