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Newer status news has been moved to the main page of the site www.uClinux.org

April 2004

The MCF5282 based uCdimm module has moved into production by Arcturus Network's industrial control devision in Toronto. For those interesting in the uCdimm product can check out www.ArcturusNetworks.com for details.

January 2004

The BlackFin group at Analog Devices has added their sponsorship of the embedded microcrontroller linux project (uClinux). Check out the link http://blackfin.uclinux.org for more info on the uClinux BlackFin project.

October 2003

Dr John Williams in the Embedded Systems group at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, has released his port of uClinux for the Microblaze RISC soft-core targetting large FPGA devices.

12 April 2000

The release of uClinux version announced today. Download the .diff NOW!

10 January 2000

The latest release of uClinux,, is announced today. The uClinux CD contains the popular uClinux System Builder Kit. This new version supports a broad spectrum of chip sets. Order the CD!

22 October 1999

The uCsimm module designed and manufactured by Rt-Control Inc (now Arcturus Networks Inc.) was created to run uClinux as an embedded systems.

11 October 1999

The uClinux version CD was released.

13 September 1999

uClinux version is released. A CD is in the works and should be out in October. A lot of work has been done by Jeff, Vlad and other volunteers to pull all the bits together.

31 March 1999

uClinux runs on the XCopilot emulator, on real PalmPilots with a TRG memory board and on a 68332 based custom hardware device designed and built by the developers. This includes full networking support and a small web server, telnet daemon and ping are provided. There are also a number of other interesting things included in the new kit including frame buffer support and example code for the Palm LCD. The kernel, libraries and compilers are now considered production quality. You can now build finished embedded systems products with them.

As well Jeff and Kenneth are working to merge the uClinux/ColdFire port back into the main tree.

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