Re: [uCsimm] Bootloader Problem

From: Yoshikazu ARAI (
Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 21:52:59 EST

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your quick reply. I will try again later with
your advice.



>A quick reply for you.
>After the "fast" command you must change the terminal's baud rate to
>With mincom type CTRL-A then P. Select from the list
>After the "rx" command you should start sending the image from your
>terminal to the device.
>You can do this with mincom by selecting the CTRL-A S key sequence and
>then pick xmodem
>from the list type in your file name and you should start sending data.
>If this does not work first time keep trying a few times.
>It often works on a second or third try.
>I am assuming that you are using minicom from linux.
> Phil
>> Dear all,
>> I am newcomer of this mailing list. So, I am sorry if following
>> question is one of FAQs.
>> I am in trouble for writing an OS image into FLASH ROM from
>> bootloader. When I try fast command for the bootloader through
>> minicom, it hangs up as following. Then, the cursor is bringing at
>> end of last line, that is, next of "115200b". Even if I type
>> rx command without previous fast command, the bootloader also hangs up
>> after displayed a line of "C" characters.
>> uCbootstrap v1.3 (c) Copyright 1999-2000 Lineo, Inc. All Rights Reserved
>> FLASH type 2782 [SST39VF160]
>> DP|001000 DP|002000 DP|003000 DP|004000 DP|005000 DP|006000
>> DP|007000 DP|008000 DP|009000 DP|00a000 DP|00b000 DP|00c000
>> DP|00d000 DP|00e000 DP|00f000 DP|010000 D-|011000 D-|012000
>> D-|013000 D-|014000 D-|015000 D-|016000 D-|017000 D-|018000
>> D-|019000 D-|01a000 D-|01b000 D-|01c000 D-|01d000 D-|01e000
>> D-|01f000 D-|020000 D-|021000 D-|022000 D-|023000 D-|024000
>> D-|025000 D-|026000 D-|027000 D-|028000 D-|029000 D-|02a000
>> D-|02b000 D-|02c000 D-|02d000 D-|02e000 D-|02f000 D-|030000
>> D-|031000 D-|032000 D-|033000 D-|034000 D-|035000 D-|036000
>> ...
>> D-|200000
>> B$ fast
>> Change to 115200b
>> I tried writing OS image procedure for two uCsimms which I bought
>> at same time. Then above situation is confirmed for both of them.
>> Do you have any idea for the above problem?
>> Regards,
>> Yoshikazu
>> Yoshikazu ARAI
>> Faculty of Software and Information Science
>> Iwate Preceftural University
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