Re: [uCsimm] Bootloader Problem

From: Phil Wilshire (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 12:29:01 EST

A quick reply for you.

After the "fast" command you must change the terminal's baud rate to
With mincom type CTRL-A then P. Select from the list

After the "rx" command you should start sending the image from your
terminal to the device.
You can do this with mincom by selecting the CTRL-A S key sequence and
then pick xmodem
from the list type in your file name and you should start sending data.
If this does not work first time keep trying a few times.
It often works on a second or third try.

I am assuming that you are using minicom from linux.

> Dear all,
> I am newcomer of this mailing list. So, I am sorry if following
> question is one of FAQs.
> I am in trouble for writing an OS image into FLASH ROM from
> bootloader. When I try fast command for the bootloader through
> minicom, it hangs up as following. Then, the cursor is bringing at
> end of last line, that is, next of "115200b". Even if I type
> rx command without previous fast command, the bootloader also hangs up
> after displayed a line of "C" characters.
> uCbootstrap v1.3 (c) Copyright 1999-2000 Lineo, Inc. All Rights Reserved
> FLASH type 2782 [SST39VF160]
> DP|001000 DP|002000 DP|003000 DP|004000 DP|005000 DP|006000
> DP|007000 DP|008000 DP|009000 DP|00a000 DP|00b000 DP|00c000
> DP|00d000 DP|00e000 DP|00f000 DP|010000 D-|011000 D-|012000
> D-|013000 D-|014000 D-|015000 D-|016000 D-|017000 D-|018000
> D-|019000 D-|01a000 D-|01b000 D-|01c000 D-|01d000 D-|01e000
> D-|01f000 D-|020000 D-|021000 D-|022000 D-|023000 D-|024000
> D-|025000 D-|026000 D-|027000 D-|028000 D-|029000 D-|02a000
> D-|02b000 D-|02c000 D-|02d000 D-|02e000 D-|02f000 D-|030000
> D-|031000 D-|032000 D-|033000 D-|034000 D-|035000 D-|036000
> ...
> D-|200000
> B$ fast
> Change to 115200b
> I tried writing OS image procedure for two uCsimms which I bought
> at same time. Then above situation is confirmed for both of them.
> Do you have any idea for the above problem?
> Regards,
> Yoshikazu
> Yoshikazu ARAI
> Faculty of Software and Information Science
> Iwate Preceftural University
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Phil Wilshire
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