[uCsimm] The infamous "Unable to open initial console" on MC68EZ328 ucsim

From: Jarvis, John (JJarvis@trueposition.com)
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 09:56:43 EST


I am running debian (used alien to convert the rpms) and having tons of
troubles getting my ucscim booted.
When it boots I get the "Unable to open initial console" message.
I can ping the device and http works.

I know this is a common problem and believe me when I say I have scoured
every possible solution.

I have checked to see if my ttyS0 is there and that the permissions are
correct by mounting my rom image
I am using the genromfs off the unclinux CD

In my romdisk directory I have "@dev" instead of "dev"
What does this mean??

After looking around on the web it seems that this may be causing the
problem, see

The solution offered here was

"As a fix, I grabbed the romdisk for 2.4 from openhardware.net. I still use
the 2.0.38 kernel, but I have replaced the 2.0.38 dev directory with the 2.4
romdisk/dev directory."
I am not sure what was meant by this. Does anyone else have any more
insight on the problem? Is this only debian thing?

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