[uCsimm] Hickups on uClinux-dev mailing list

From: mdurrant@uclinux.org
Date: Sun Nov 18 2001 - 21:00:20 EST

I send this email below to the uClinux-dev list. For those
not on that list but are on the ucsimm or ucdimm list here it
is. For those on the other list stop reading or you will have
a bad case of deja vu.


Everyone appreciates the efforts of all the participants of this list. I have been planing to overhaul the look of all the uClinux.org machines for months. So I am sorry that things are looking a bit tired. For those who have recommendations please forward them to me or to the list. As for content (FAQs, DOCs, and and text content issues) please forwad them to me mdurrant@uclinux.org quickly as I am going to reserve some time to update things and I will make a first cut over the next two weeks. Perhaps Tom Walsh can offer me some advise off line. I think I have his phone number somewhere. If not can you email me your number again.

Now for Technical gotcha bits of this list.... Everone may have noticed a few hickups due to repeating messages the other day and about a month ago (sorry forgot the exact date). The one from a month a go was easy to explain. We replaced the machine handling the many lists and restored a tape back up of the previous machine. Bad idea to copy the mqueue directory ... oops will not do that again. Sorry for the duplicated messages. As for the duplicates that happened on Thursday/Friday for a 6 hour period of time... We are not sure what happened but we noticed that messages with attachments where send a second time with the attachents stripped. The logs have proven that the reference id was not munged so people who have good machines that check for duplicate message ids did not notice the dups. The machine stopped 6 hours after it started and we gave it a good check up at 10AM EST. Some may have noticed the machine was down for a few hours Friday morning as we ripped through the logs and purged the outbound queue.

As for the CVS, I am very happy that Greg, David, Erik and other have been working on posting peoples patches as well as their advances to the uClinux project. As for the RTAI bits that Bernhard was working on .. I am hoping to set up an area on the sites to support his advances as well. Cool stuff!

-- Michael Durrant (ve3pnx) mdurrant@uclinux.org

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