[uCsimm] Cycle Time of EZ328?

From: Larry Gray (larry@greenmotor.com)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 12:40:43 EDT

        What is the cycle time of the EZ328? Looking at the user's manual I would
think it should 60 ns. (32.768 kHZ crystal, PLLFSR = 0x0123, PLLCr = 0x2400,
giving a 16.580608 MHZ DMACLK, or a 60.3114 ns cycle) However, using an
assembly language program directly, (no uClinux) a bset and bclr of a port C
bit, shows a low of 3 us, and a high of 1.75 us. Theoretically this should be
bclr -> 14 cycles * 60 ns = 844 ns
bset -> 12 cycles * 60 ns = 732 ns

What am I missing?

Thanks in Advance,
Larry Gray
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