[uCsimm] booting messages of the ucsimm

From: Joaquin Garay Urrutia (jtagaurj@bi.ehu.es)
Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 05:14:32 EDT

Hi all,

I'm trying to finish the documentation of my project with the ucsimm
and, as usual, the last day something decides not to work anymore. This
time it's the serial cable.

 So, would somebody please send me the booting messages of the ucsimm
(the one saying 'Autoboot in 5 seconds (hold esc <to abort>)' or
something like that)? Please send both of them, one holding esc and
loading into the bootloader and one of the normal booting secuence.



PD: damned school, lots of engineers and I can't find a stupid serial
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