[uCsimm] Infrared

From: Oguzhan Eris (eris@cooper.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 15:45:17 EDT

Hi everyone

I had a question about IR. Basically this is my scenario

I have a Tivo ( digital video recorder ) that is connected to a cable box.
the tivo can correctly tune to a desired channel by using an ir
transmitter placed in front of the cable box. So when it wants to tune to
a channel it sends the correct IR codes just as if you were using a remote
control to do it yourself.

Anyway, I have no experience with IR, and was wondering if someone could
point me in the right direction. I would like to use the ucsimm in
between the tivo and the cable box, because right now, the tivo channel
changing is extremely slow and I also would like to know via my computer,
what channel it thinks its tuned to. So here's wwhat I want to do

Take out the IR transmitter and plug a cable (mini-phono) from the tivo to
the ucsimm. Have the ucsimm decode the IR codes, and do some other extra
things, and output the IR code to the cable box by using the IR
transmitter. I know the use of the ucsimm is overkill for this but it's
only temporary, but it would be nice to have the ucsimm on the ethernet to
be able to find out what channel its tuned to, and even do crazier things
via the net.

 Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Oguzhan Eris

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