Re: [uCsimm] m68k-pic32, adding _cleanup to libc

From: Joaquin Garay (
Date: Mon Sep 03 2001 - 06:17:41 EDT

> Simply create a file, e.g. cleanup.c, that contains only one line:
> _cleanup(){}
> Compile this file, and use it as your last object during linking:
> m68k-pic-coff-gcc mod1.o .... modN.o cleanup.o ....
> Regards,
> Erwin

Umm, seems I didn't make it clear enough, so I'm going to explain
exactly what I'm doing setp by step:

        - First I need to create three libraries, so I compile the sources to
object and put them together:

        m68k-pic-coff-gcc -fPIC -O2 -c some_source_file.c
        m68k-pic-coff-ar cr libmy_library.a first_file.o second_file.o ...
        m68k-pic-coff-ranlib libmy_library.a

        - The I compile the last file and link it with the libraries and a file
containig only _cleanup(){} (cleanup.o):

        m68k-pic-coff-gcc -fPIC -O2 -c my_program.c
        m68k-pic-coff-gcc -fPIC -O2 -c cleanup.c
        m68k-pic-coff-gcc -O2 -fPIC -o my_program source_file.o cleanup.o

        - And now I get the following errors:

/opt/uClinux/m68k-pic-coff/bin/gld: region a5world is full (snmpd
section .bss)
In function `exit':
libgcc2.c(.text+0xc): relocation truncated to fit: DISP16 _cleanup
mv: cannot stat `snmpd': No such file or directory
Can't open snmpd.coff

Now, somebody knows what I'm doing wrong? AFAIK I'm doing everything
I've to do when I've to do it... or not?

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