[uCsimm] bogus interrupts on IRQ3?

From: b.stolk (b.stolk@chello.nl)
Date: Sun Sep 02 2001 - 11:52:29 EDT


I've written a device driver for my odometer on my robot.
Basically, it needs to count pulses on PD6 and PD7.

PD6 uses IRQ3,
PD7 uses IRQ6.

For IRQ3, I sometimes get interrupts, but when checking
the ISR, the corresponding bit is not set.

Where do these fantom interrupts come from?
In /proc, I can see:

/proc> cat interrupts
Internal 68EZ328 interrupts
   1: 29091 timer
   2: 603 M68328_UART
  18: 63 odometer1
  19: 25 odometer0
  20: 543 eth0

So I do not think that interrupt 18 and 19 are used for anything else.
IRQ6 looks cleaner: I only get proper interrupts for that one.


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