[uCsimm] m68k-pic32, adding _cleanup to libc

From: Joaquin Garay (jtagaurj@bi.ehu.es)
Date: Fri Aug 31 2001 - 05:40:04 EDT

Hi all,

I'm trying to finish my project with the ucsimm and I have to fix the
last errors before I start my exams. I'm using Erwin's 32-bit PIC patch
for the gcc and the uclinux 2.0.38 kernel. And after removing all the
errors I've found this last one.

/opt/uClinux/m68k-pic-coff/bin/gld: region a5world is full (snmpd
section .bss)
In function `exit':
libgcc2.c(.text+0xc): relocation truncated to fit: DISP16 _cleanup
mv: cannot stat `snmpd': No such file or directory
Can't open snmpd.coff

So, what's happening? I've compiled all the objects with the -fPIC flag
even if it was not necesary. What do I have to do, recompile libc with
the new compiler? Add the _cleanup function to the library instead of
adding it when compiling the executable? (I'm trying not to look at the
line saying region a5world is full, it scares me) I've to say that I
would like to have it finished NOW (during the next two weeks I have
enough to do preparing my exams to be worrying about it)

Any suggestions will be _desesperately_ welcome. (Erwin, Tom, are you

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