[uCsimm] Re: [uClinux-dev] unable to open initial console

From: Pascal Bauermeister (pascal.bauermeister@smartdata.ch)
Date: Thu Aug 30 2001 - 02:01:56 EDT

Greg Ungerer wrote:
> Hi Pascal,
> Pascal Bauermeister wrote:
> > Well, these romdisk/dev/* nodes are really a burden, because one must be root to (re)create them, whatever the way (or use 'sudo'). I whish one could tell genromfs to create nodes from commandline in the resulting image...
> You can!
> You must be using an old genromfs. The latest uClinux patched
> version supports filename place holders for device nodes.
> You name a file "@name,[cbp],<major>,<minor>" (with 0 length)
> and genromfs will insert a real device node into the final
> ROMfs. No use of root is required at all.
> Get the latest from:
> http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/utilities/genromfs-0.3.2.tar.gz

This is great ! it will ease a lot our build process.

Thank you Greg.

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