[uCsimm] unable to open initial console

From: Gonzalo Vásquez Sáez (gvasquez@vtr.net)
Date: Tue Aug 28 2001 - 14:37:34 EDT

I've been using uclinux on my ucsimm module for the past 4 months with no
real big problems, even coded interrupt drivers (kernel compilation
included) and many other things, but yesterday I recompiled the kernel and
then just couldn't get uclinux working back again.

Upon typing the 'go' command at the bootstrap uclinux starts loading....but
right before bringing my eth0 it prints out the message 'unable to open
initial console'...and then it just freezes boot after configuring the
network interface.

I really don't know what might have happened, I can't figure out what could
have forgotten..I'm quite desperate as I have to present the project
tomorrow morning....any information and/or help is greatly appreciated.

P.S.: I had previously recompiled new kernels without problems at all.

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