[uCsimm] Re: Interested in your work.

From: b.stolk (b.stolk@chello.nl)
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 11:03:27 EDT

Phil Wilshire wrote:
> Bram,
> I am very interested in your work with the uCSimm.
> I am sure that others would be too.
> Could you please send any more details to me or post them on the list..
> I'll take a look at whatever you have.

See my robotics project at:

Currently, the robot speaks, drives, does ultrasonic ranging
with L/R eye, and tilts/pans its neck.

I need vision for more intelligent stuff like designating
areas based on colour, and identifying objects.

> I do not have any good camera systems to suggest.
> There is a company called jameco
> (http://www.jameco.com) that does have some modules but these generally
> give out
> NSTC or video signals.
> here is another link again video output..
> http://www.bbelectronics.com/cameras-ccd/single_cmos_chip.htm
> Another way may be to create a usb inteface to the uCSimm and use the
> really cheap
> USB cameras for PC's.
> Check out.
> http://www.cypress.com/design/store/usb.html
> Once again I would be most interested in what you come up with.

I need a cam with a nice and easy interface.
usb is an option, but a camera like these two
is probably less power, and less glue:

A nice discontinued camera at:

A perfect camera, but not commercially available:

Currently I use a coff gcc and 2.0.38 kernel, but want to do c++,
and as I've been unable to get a coff libstdc++, I
tried upgrading to 2.4 kernel so I can use an elf g++.
This failed, as the 2.4 flash images refuse to boot for me.
Any pre-built 2.4 kernels for ucsimm available, anyone?


> regards
> Phil Wilshire
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> Phil Wilshire
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