[uCsimm] running uClinux 2.4 on a uCsimm.

From: b.stolk (b.stolk@chello.nl)
Date: Sun Jul 15 2001 - 05:51:39 EDT


I am trying to run a 2.4 kernel on my ucsimm.
Anyone succeeded in doing this?
Maybe a binary 2.4 kernel is available on the web?

Somehow, all flash images I create with a 2.4 kernel
will not even boot properly.
This may be caused by the size of the image.

What is the max image size for the ucsimm flash?

Also, what config options are to be used for a 2.4 kernel?

I did manage to build my own 2.0.38 kernel using
the coff compiler.
The 2.4 kernels I built with my elf compiler do not
work, also when enabling ELF option in kernel,
the sources will not build, so I had to leave this out.

On a side note:
Is there a bbinary libstdc++ available for m68k-pic-coff


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