RE: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm

From: Asier Goikoetxea Yanci (
Date: Tue Jul 10 2001 - 15:52:59 EDT

hello again,

I found this m68k_gcc compiler to. I tryied to port pppd with this compiler,
making changes in pppd's Makefile, changin
some files ... .When I compile the pppd it doesn't give me errors, but of
course, it doesn't mean that it works, and it
doesn't works.

So my question is if you have build your web site yet, to look how did you
port pppd, or if it is possible to you tell me
which steps you follwed to done it.

Thanks in advance
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    I also used PPPD Coldfire version; at the first time I could not
compile, because of the 16 bit jump limitation of the standart compiler.
    I found new version of the m68k_gcc compiler, which do not have this

    There should be some mails about this compiler version; about where you
can find it.

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        Hello Erdem

        First to congratulate for your work.

        I'm trying to connect ucsimm to internet, my problem was that I'd
not PPPD full version. I get PPPD full version used for Coldfire uClinux (I
think that it is the same for any Linux), and now my problem is that I can't
compile it properly. So I'ld like to konw what changes you made in Makefile,
PPPD souece files, romdisk struct ...

        I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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            De: Erdem Gunes <>
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            Fecha: miércoles 13 de junio de 2001 9:16
            Asunto: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm


            I tried to use ucsimm as an internet gateway:

            I compiled PPPD full version (including chap, pap...), it works.
            I compiled diald for dial on demand; it works.
            I configured ipfadm for IP Masquerading; it wrks.

            Every thing is working; ucsimm can connect to my service
provider with a 56K dial-up modem.

            I set My computer's gateway to ucsimm.

            When I make a web request from Netscape, diald works and modem

            And I could connect to Web!!

            BUT PROBLEM: I works very very slowly, like I connect with a
9600bps modem.
            I am sure that it is not a problem of RTS-CTS handshaking;
because there is a few data flow to modem (web requests) as I look to TX
            and to much data flow from modem (RX).

            I think ucsimm cannot process all of incoming serial packets.



                    Erdem Gunes

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