Re: [uCsimm] Regulator part on uCgardener

From: Geoffrey Wossum (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 13:24:11 EDT

Hi Anand,

> Does anyone know what the U1 part on the uCgardener board is ? Seems to be
> some sort of 3-pin regulator or just a transistor. It wasn't working on one
> of my boards (the supply voltage was more than 3.6V) and I cannibalized it
> from another uCgardener board but I would like to replace it. The schematic
> doesn't give any part number.

The one on the uCgardner board is a Telcom 55RP3302. They're available
from DigiKey. On a board I designed, I used a Zetex ZR78L033 with good
results. It's also available from DigiKey.

Geoffrey Wossum

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