[uCsimm] Voltage is down

From: Alain Paschoud (alain.paschoud@smartdata.ch)
Date: Wed Jul 04 2001 - 09:49:39 EDT


I use my uCsimm for some weeks. Today, when I came back from lunch, it
suddenly did't work any more. Here is the description of what is the actual
situation :

- I power the uCsimm gardner with 6V.
- If I don't put the uCsimm, the voltage on the gardner is 3.3V (which is
quite correct)
- When I put the uCsimm, this same volatage go down to 1.3 V (if I remember
well, it should be 3.3V). And of
course, the uCsimm doesn't work any more.

I want to know if somone already have had this problem and if someone know
what component could have had a problem.

If someone know where I could find the electronical shema of the uCsimm,
please tell me.

Thank you for any help or suggestion.

Alain Paschoud

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