[uCsimm] Flash problem

From: Alain Paschoud (alain.paschoud@smartdata.ch)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 11:49:38 EDT


I've a big problem that seems to be very close to the one discussed under
subject "[uCsimm] uCbootstrap and FLASH problem on uCsimm with Atmel

When I want to flash a new image.bin from bootloader, the image is uploaded, and then the
uCsimm wirte eras..\ and nothing more appears in minicom.
If I try to do the same with flashloader through ethernet, the image is
uploaded, and then the uCsimm restart at once (it doesn't have the time to
flash it). So I start on the old system. Nothing has been erased, nothing
has been flashed.

I have an ATMEL flash A49BV1614. But the bootloader version is "uCbootstrap
v1.5.7". So I won't apply the new bootloader version 1.05.01 proposed on
the web site.

Does someone have (or have had) the same problem ? What can I do ?

Thank you for any help.
Alain Paschoud

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