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From: Asier Goikoetxea Yanci (a.agoicoechea13142@eps.muni.es)
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 03:43:17 EDT

        Hello all,

    I'm trying to compile coldfire distribution pppd to use it on my uCsimm.
I've replaced the m68k-pic-coff-gcc compilator to Tom Walsh one
(m68k-pic32-coff-gcc). I've changed crt0.o file too. Now, when I use the
makefile it returns these errors:

m68k-pic-coff-gcc -O2 -fPIC -I../include -I./ -DUSE_MS_DNS=1 -D_linux_=1-DN
O_SYSLOG -DHAVE_PATHS_H -DXDEBUGALL main.o magic.o fsm.o lcp.o ipcp.o ccp.o
upap.o chap.o md5.o auth.o options.o utils.o sys-linux.o -lc -lmf -o pppd
main.o(.text+0x748):main.c:undefined reference to 'setlogmask'
main.o(.text+0x7aa):main.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
main.o(.text+0x141c):main.c:undefined reference to 'openlog'
main.o(.text+0x142a):main.c:undefined reference to 'setlogmask'
main.o(.text+0x1620):main.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
main.o(.text+0x1b8a):main.c:undefined reference to 'setlogmask'
main.o(.text+0x1d50):main.c:undefined reference to 'closelog'
main.o(.text+0x1fd0):main.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
magic.o(.text+0x3e):magic.c:undefined reference to 'srand48'
magic.o(.text+0x54):magic.c:undefined reference to 'mrand48'
ipcp.o(.text+0x19a2):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x19c8):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1a04):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1a30):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1a5e):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1b2c):ipcp.c:more undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1b5c):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_unsetenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1b6a):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_setenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1bca):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'script_unsetenv'
ipcp.o(.text+0x1ccc):ipcp.c:undefined reference to 'demand_rexmit'
cahp.o(.text+0xe00):chap.c:undefined reference to 'drand48'
cahp.o(.text+0xe70):chap.c:undefined reference to 'drand48'
options.o(.text+0x14b6):options.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
utils.o(.text+0x82c):utils.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
utils.o(.text+0xa4a):utils.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
utils.o(.text+0xbbe):utils.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
sys-linux.o(.text+0x164):sys-linux.c:undefined reference to 'openlog'
sys-linux.o(.text+0x172):sys-linux.c:undefined reference to 'setlogmask'
sys-linux.o(.text+0x18a):sys-linux.c:undefined reference to 'setlogmask'
sys-linux.o(.text+0x2fa):sys-linux.c:undefined reference to 'closelog'
sys-linux.o(.text+0x1eda):sys-linux.c:undefined reference to 'syslog'
mv: pppd: No such file or directory
Can't open pppd.coff
make: *** [pppd] Error 1

    Note that I'm using 2.0.38 kernel and this is the Makefile


OBJS = main.o magic.o fsm.o lcp.o ipcp.o ccp.o upap.o chap.o \
 md5.o auth.o options.o utils.o sys-linux.o

EXINCS = -I../include -I./ $(INCNET)
CFLAGS = -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fPIC $(EXINCS) $(DEFS)
FLTFLAGS = -s 8192

CROSS = m68k-pic-coff-

CC = $(CROSS)gcc

all: pppd

pppd: $(OBJS)
 $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@

 rm -f *.[oa] *.coff *~ core pppd

    What am I doing bad? or what is missing? All libraries refered to these
errors exists. It seems to be lacking somewhere.
    Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

Asier Goikoetxea Yanci
Mondragon Unibertsitatea
Communications' Departament
Telf.:943 794700 ext 314


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