Re:Re:Ynt: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm

From: Erdem Gunes (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 11:45:16 EDT

In my experience, ucsimm is not sending data: It is only receiving.
If it has enough processing power and an enough RX buffer (in serial
it should be able to process all incoming data, without needing to stop the
data flow with RTS-CTS handshake.

Am I right?

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Konu: Re: Ynt: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm

>Erdem Gunes wrote:
>> I will soon build a web site and publish my works.
>> I think that ucsimm can not process all the serial packets while Ipfadm
>> pppd working;
>> so many TCP retransmissions occurs, that make the connection too slow!
>> I wrote a program to test serial port of ucsimm:
>> I mounted a nfs share from my Suse Linux.
>> I wrote a program, in ucsimm that writes all incoming serial data to a
>> file, in this nfs disk.
>> I sent a long text file from minicom.
>> In 1200...19200bps, ucsimm perfectly log the incoming data,(without any
>> But after 38400 to 115200bps, I see that there are a lot of bytes
>> Does writing a single byte to an nfs file spend so much mips??
>More likely that you need to enable / implement RTS/CTS hardware flow
>control. The DragonBall EZ processor will automatically handle the flow
>control for you if you enable the option within the processor.
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