Re: Ynt: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 10:55:32 EDT

Erdem Gunes wrote:
> I will soon build a web site and publish my works.
> I think that ucsimm can not process all the serial packets while Ipfadm and
> pppd working;
> so many TCP retransmissions occurs, that make the connection too slow!
> I wrote a program to test serial port of ucsimm:
> I mounted a nfs share from my Suse Linux.
> I wrote a program, in ucsimm that writes all incoming serial data to a log
> file, in this nfs disk.
> I sent a long text file from minicom.
> In 1200...19200bps, ucsimm perfectly log the incoming data,(without any
> But after 38400 to 115200bps, I see that there are a lot of bytes lost!!!
> Does writing a single byte to an nfs file spend so much mips??

More likely that you need to enable / implement RTS/CTS hardware flow
control. The DragonBall EZ processor will automatically handle the flow
control for you if you enable the option within the processor.


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