Ynt: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm

From: Erdem Gunes (egunes@adamarge.com.tr)
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 09:16:41 EDT

I also used PPPD Coldfire version; at the first time I could not compile, because of the 16 bit jump limitation of the standart compiler.
I found new version of the m68k_gcc compiler, which do not have this lack.

There should be some mails about this compiler version; about where you can find it.

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    Tarih: 13 Haziran 2001 Çarşamba 19:33
    Konu: RE: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm
    Hello Erdem
    First to congratulate for your work.
    I'm trying to connect ucsimm to internet, my problem was that I'd not PPPD full version. I get PPPD full version used for Coldfire uClinux (I think that it is the same for any Linux), and now my problem is that I can't compile it properly. So I'ld like to konw what changes you made in Makefile, PPPD souece files, romdisk struct ...
    I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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        De: Erdem Gunes <egunes@adamarge.com.tr>
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        Fecha: miércoles 13 de junio de 2001 9:16
        Asunto: [uCsimm] Connecting to Internet via ucsimm
        I tried to use ucsimm as an internet gateway:
        I compiled PPPD full version (including chap, pap...), it works.
        I compiled diald for dial on demand; it works.
        I configured ipfadm for IP Masquerading; it wrks.
        Every thing is working; ucsimm can connect to my service provider with a 56K dial-up modem.
        I set My computer's gateway to ucsimm.
        When I make a web request from Netscape, diald works and modem dials...
        And I could connect to Web!!
        BUT PROBLEM: I works very very slowly, like I connect with a 9600bps modem.
        I am sure that it is not a problem of RTS-CTS handshaking; because there is a few data flow to modem (web requests) as I look to TX led
        and to much data flow from modem (RX).
        I think ucsimm cannot process all of incoming serial packets.
                Erdem Gunes

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