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From: David McCullough (
Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 08:36:07 EDT

Jivin Joaquin Garay lays it down ...
> Hi,
> I'm still trying to port the snmpd from the coldfire to the ucsimm. I've
> managed to compile and link all the objects and get the executable, but
> when I run it I get a 'core dumped' (in a Linux machine, the ucsimm
> shows an address error and goes to the bootloader).
> The problem is in the systmInit function. First it tries to open the
> /etc/version file and after it, declares a pointer to 0xf0006000. So my
> questions are
> - What is suposed to be in /etc/version?

Something along the lines of:

        Lineo/SecureEdge Version 1.3.1 -- Mon May 28 22:27:56 EST 2001

It is just a text file containing the version information.

> - What is located at that address?

At about line 199 of systm.c you will find the following code:

    ep = (unsigned char *) (0xf0006000);

This code is cheating a pulling the MAC address of the ethernet devices
directly from ROM. Just comment it out and set "hostid" to something
that suits you.

> - And where are those things in the uCsimm?

You don't really need either, though you could add /etc/version and
use an ioctl to get the MAC addr of eth0 if it exists.


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