[uCsimm] TV Platform ideas?

From: stingley@cpcug.org
Date: Wed May 23 2001 - 21:37:05 EDT

If I wanted to develop a TV-like hand-held appliance, what kind of platform
would I use?
I know the palm has enough oomph to do the job. Given that, and I wanted
to do color, but little else...anyone got any ideas about which processor
to use?

I'm not necessarily counting on using Real or any significant decompression

Assume I am getting a wireless signal. Could be Analog, going through an
ADC, could be digital since that would be handled in a different IC.

What I'm looking for is which CPUs out there have the ability to drive a
screen at 30fps 160*160 color is OK I guess.

Thanks in advance.

Pat Stingley

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