Re: [uCsimm] snmpd from coldfire

From: Joaquin Garay (
Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 12:06:41 EDT

Tom Walsh wrote:
> You didn't say which kernel that you are compiling against, the
> assumption is that you are using the 2.0.38 kernel? You are missing a
> header file somplace. If you do some research on the libc, you will
> find that it has no function named 'ntohs', try this: 'grep ntohs
> libc.a', nothing found. Now do this: 'find linux/include -type f |
> xargs fgrep ntohs', lots of hits. Look at
> linux/include/asm/byteorder.h...
 you're right about the kernel. i'm working too in a sniffer for the
ucsimm and ported it from a sniffer for linux. doing so, i had to remove
all 'ntohs' calls because the byteorder in the ucsimm is the same as in
the ethernet (don't know if little or bi endian but it works fine). what
i don't know is where is the call.

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