Re: [uCsimm] Re: Red Hat 7.1 using uClinux CD install, 2.0.38pre5

From: John Jeffers (
Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 09:48:20 EDT


Thanks for pointing out your particulars. By the way this has been a most
enjoyable thread for me since it together with some material from
Davidm@lineo and Tom we now start to see what really works for people today!

>As for uClinux: The libc5 problem is only the uC-src (I think) which
>needs the --nodeps in the rpm command. This is easy to do by hand ;)

I used --force --nodeps is more elegant!

>Kernel 2.0.38pre7 compiles nicely, too, with the exception of mkdep.c
>which needs to be taken from some other kernel (I used the 2.4.4).

Thanks again I was certainly short of brain cells on this one. But would
you not use the existing m68k tool chains, and if so would you still need
the mkdep.c?

>All in all, my development system is plain RedHat 7.1 (with a 2.4.4
>kernel now) and with no great knowledge of Linux development thus far, I
>have had no mentionable problems... (OK, APM crashes the system after
>--suspend and USBs got problems on my A7V board, but these are other

Just as a point people should note RH 7.1 now automatically installs kernel
to processor. So for those of us who swap hard drives you now have to
either find how to turn this off, hand install the kernel you want or
install on the lowest machine.

My 686 boards are all MSI BX PRO boards the ones meant for
overclocking. At regular clock speeds with PIII processors and PC133 SDRAM
they are stable as rocks. Currently IMHO BX is still the way to go with
Intel. Odd isn't it.

> Uwe

Thanks Again


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