[uCsimm] Re: Red Hat 7.1 using uClinux CD install, 2.0.38pre5

From: Tom Walsh (tom@cyberiansoftware.com)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 15:13:25 EDT

John Jeffers wrote:
> Just a few notes for RH 7.1 users and the uClinux System-builder CD install
> 1) RH 7.1 seems not to install it's own genromfs now.
> 2) RH 7.1 no longer has the old lib5 libraries in it. One of the RPM's must
> now be forced. i.e. the install Makefile for the RPMS directory no longer
> works (at least for the lib6 rpms) since there was a dependency back to the
> old lib5 files.
> It might be useful for Lineo to either post the changed rpm's in the face
> of a years of progress or post a changed Makefile.

So far, I have installed the RedHat 7.1 and Mandrake 8.0 systems to try
them out. On neither system was I able to successfully compile the 2.4
kernel! As a result, I am staying away from the 2.4 installations for a
while, until they have time to "mature" a bit. I have enough work to do
than try to figure out why a default installation of Linux cannot
compile its' own kernel!



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