[uCsimm] Implementing updateable ramdisk

From: Ashwin (ashwin_patwekar@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed May 09 2001 - 01:28:54 EDT

Hi Friends,
    I have a problem. Some of my applications need to store some
intialisation variables in files these variables can be updated i.e any
changes made to them should be reflected the next time the system boots.
   How do I go about doing it?
I have thought of a scheme where in I seperate the ramdisk.img from the
romdisk directory and keep it seperately in flash say after ramdisk as a
different partition.So when my system boots I expand the ramdisk partiton
in ram and mount it.Now when I need to update the ramdisk I give a command
which makes new a ramfs and compress it and write it back to the flash.
How is the scheme does anybody have a different sugestion?

The next problem would be knowing where to write the new image and how to
write it.
I found a utiltiy in the userland directory named flashwrite there is no
documentation of the same can I use it for writing purpose?

Thanks in advance,


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