[uCsimm] uC-libc malloc-simple memory leak patch

From: David Beckemeyer (david@bdt.com)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 19:38:19 EDT

A while back I posted a replacement malloc/free implementation
that fixed an issues with a memory leak on m68k uClinux (don't
know if the same problem exists on other platforms).

That module wasn't integrated with the uC-libc sources and
required manual replacement in the libc.a library with ar.

Attached to this message is a diff for the malloc-simple/alloc.c
file which integrates the fix into the uC-libc source build.

Two files are attached, 'alloc.c.diffs' contains the diffs to
alloc.c and 'memory.h' is a new header file required by the fix.


  - david

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