[uCsimm] Setting ramdisk size.

From: Rob (rjnorman@pacbell.net)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 09:55:32 EDT


Thanks in part to the great help I've found here especially in patching the serial driver, I've got a data logging program using binary input on the serial port.

 Now I'd like to write the data to a file on the ramdisk (/var/myfile?) but would like to expand it beyond the half meg allocation. There's a line in the linux Makefile that seems to allow setting the size of the ramdisk but that line is commented out and I couldn't find references to the ramdisk in the ucsimm Makefile or deftemplate.sh.

Where can I set the size and what are the size limits? I'm using a very small program so would like to play with the largest ramdisk which, I'm guessing based on comments earlier in this forum, could be up to 7 Mbytes.

(I'm new to Linux so what might be considered obvious has escaped me here...)

Rob Norman
AC Propulsion 

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