[uCsimm] 68EZ328 kernel + development for 2.4 available.

From: Tom Walsh (tom@cyberiansoftware.com)
Date: Sat Apr 28 2001 - 20:24:40 EDT


This is a development ONLY system, the current state of the 2.4 kernel
on the 68EZ328 platform is not ready for production use as there are
numerous problems with it. It is hoped that the script that I have
provided on http://www.openhardware.net/uClinux/ will help others in
getting their development environment setup and assist with the 2.4
kernel work.

As it is at present: The kernel boots on uCsimm & EZ328LCD platforms.
As I do development on the EZ328LCD platform: I have init working, it
reads /etc/inittab, performs login, and drops you to a sh prompt. The
ethernet interface appears to be working with ICMP packets (ping is
working okay), but TCP connections fail (telnetd). There appears to be
a serious problem in the romfs software where the kernel will fail to
locate entries within the romdisk.img if it exceeds 400K.

Disclosures out of the way, this script will pull in the m68k-elf
sources from the uClinux.org site and build the necessary bintools & elf
compiler. It also pulls in the current sources of uClibc, uClinux-2.4.0
and userland apps, as they currently are working, from my CVS. The CVS
is being used as the uClibc development is advancing at a frightening
pace (due to Eric), and some things have been broken along the way, it
is my intention to provide a working environment to other DragonBall
developers and invite you to join me in this effort.

Bernhard Kuhn has done some excellent preliminary work in getting the
kernel to boot into a shell, Craig Peacock has given us a driver that we
can use (hopefully) in getting nfs working (eventually). I have taken
the development to the point of getting init, ifattach, and the CS8900
driver integrated into the kernel.

To use the script, pull it into your system, edit a few directory & user
GID UID defines, then invoke it as root with 'sh
uClinux-2.4-development-install.sh'. The script will pull in about 60
Meg of file data from.ll various sources, and build the elf development
environment. It takes my Athlon 800mHz SCSI-3 system about 40 minutes
to do this, while the 686PR200 IDE system takes 2 hours 50 minutes to do
the same. Both systems are connecting into the Internet with a 1Mb
cable modem connection, your milage may vary! ;-)



Tom Walsh - WN3L - Embedded Systems Consultant
'www.openhardware.net', 'www.cyberiansoftware.com'
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