[uCsimm] Suggestions please

From: Ashwin (ashwin_patwekar@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 02:48:55 EDT

Hello Friends,
   I managed to compile 2.4.x kernel and to get the ethernet working for the kernel.

I have got it working using the uccs8900.c from the 2.0.38 uclinux release.I had to make some changes
1. since the netdevices.h has been modified.I adapted the uccs8900 file with struct net_device and net_device_stats.
2 the config files for were changed to define CONFIG_UCCS8900 and CONFIG_UCCS8900_HW_SWAP.The second one is needed for outw inw macros.
3.The net_device structure was modified to include the 3 variables used in the uccs8900.c namely tbusy,interrupt and start.
4. defined NET_BH in interrupt.h
5. This one is dangerous but it works commented the dev_tint function call from the c file.

If you think I am going wrong some where please correct me.

I have one more problem while doing mount of a nfs file system using the /etc/rc file I get the following error in 2.4.x also i have to manually execute /etc/rc what change do I have to make to main.c to avoid this.

thnaks in advance,

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