[uCsimm] using uCSIMM Port C for IO

From: Shaun H (boo.bar@ntlworld.com)
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 00:03:53 EDT


Apologies if this is too simple a question. I am a student with very basic
understanding of
C programming & hardware matters.

I've got a uCSIMM and uCGardener Kit, have have installed everything, and
now have the test program from the manual running. This program flashes an
LED connected to port D bit 0.

I would like to use Port C for another program, have tried to transfer the
PortD program to check Port C but unfortunately, it doesn't work.

I'm a little concerned that there might be a hardware
failure with Port C, but am I missing something obvious??

Is there something extra that I need to do in order to get Port C working
as IO??

Any help appreciated.

Best wishes,

Shaun H.

#include <asm/MC68EZ328.h>

int main(void)
        PCSEL |=0x01;
        PCDIR |=0x01;
        puts("port C d0 LED should be blinking...");
                PCDATA ^=0x01;

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