Re: [uCsimm] Problem writing to /dev/ttyS0

From: Ian Leonard (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 03:18:17 EDT

On 2001.04.13 03:28:53 +0100 David Beckemeyer wrote:
> There's no easy way to get rid of the boot-up messages, but you can
> of course not start getty on the console to solve the problem after
> boot.
> There has been some discussion about getting rid of the boot messages.
> Check the archives.
> In terms of the not running getty, what I did is change the init
> program (src/init/simpleinit.c) to check for a bootloader
> environment variable. If the variable 'SKIPINIT' is set to the value
> 'true' then init doesn't run the stuff in inittab. This makes it
> possible to turn it on andoff without loading a new image.

Thanks for that. I will do it.

I have located the source of the problem and I was going to find
out who is supporting the tty driver. I was sending a 512 byte
packet to the uCsimm. This killed it. Reducing the size to 128
appears (with the minimal testing I have done so far) to fix
the problem.

I had a quick look at the driver and couldn't see any overflow

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