[uCsimm] Serial port problem

From: Ian Leonard (ileonard@ntlworld.com)
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 09:32:04 EDT

I have a problem with a uCsimm connected to another piece of equipment.

The uCsimm sends out packets of data, the other end replies and the replies
are read by the uCsimm. Nothing too cleaver and it runs okay from my

Having recompiled the code to run on thc uCsimm (using the elf tool chain
and c++) I get the following problem.

The uCsimm sends out a packet. The other end sees a overrun/framming error.
The uCsimm keeps retrying and eventually crashes and reboots. If always
dies in an select () call.

If I disconnect the uCsimms' RX line, the other end sees the packet
and responds.

The uCsimm doesn't see the incoming packet (obviously) and carries
on retrying quite happily.

If I plug in RX wire, it goes wrong again.

I have had a simmilar program running, but compiled with the normal
c compiler (and it was a while ago).

I have checked the cable to ensure the ground is run through.

Ideas/advice happily received.


Ian Leonard                  
eMail: ileonard@ntlworld.com
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