[uCsimm] Configuring and running programs

From: Ian Leonard (ileonard@ntlworld.com)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 10:11:24 EDT


I need to run services and programs on a ucsimm but require the flexibility

a) Start and stop them automatically (e.g. but remote configuration)

b) Stop them manually (e.g. log in over telnet, stop the program and restart it
with debugging output)

The best way to run the programs is from init, and on a normal Unix box I would
just edit inittab and restart init. On a uCsimm, /etc/inittab is read only. Run
levels aren't supported.

I could have a sort of executive program to control the real processes (and
run them from init) but it seems messy. Another way would be to have init
read /etc/inittab from /var. I haven't found where init is run from yet
(I guess I should know this:-)) and another solution would be to have init
read from another file when it receives a sighup.

Can anybody think of a better solution?


Ian Leonard                  
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