[uCsimm] new subscriber

From: John J. Cruz (casacruz@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 10:05:14 EST

uCsimm user group,

I'm a new subscriber to this mailing list. I was a user of Motorola's
68HC11. Simple microcontroller when compared to the 68EZ328
DragonBall. The big advantage is the uClinux OS. I can only conjecture
on how to use uClinux with the uCsimm.

That is during developing my Linux workstation (Red Hat 6.2) would be
connected to the uCsimm via its RS232 port. But:

What environment do I install in the workstation?

Do I code in C, compile (gcc?), and then download into the uCsimm?

How does uClinux (in uCsimm) execute this new download program?

Any DragonBall simulators?

What does the uCLinux CD-ROM from Lineo have that might answer some of
the questions above?

The $300 kit by Lineo includes a host card. Is this card were the
uCsimm mounts on (after assembly)? The kid does not seem to contain a
power “brick”. Is this extra?

If I'm not mistaken, the RS 232 interface requires plus and minus
voltages between 5vdc and 12vdc. The regulator included in the kit
mention above I believe is only a positive linear regulator. How is the
negative voltage achieved? (From the Linux workstation RS232 port plus &
minus pins?))

Any and all answers to my inquiring questions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you all.

John J. Cruz

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