Re: [uCsimm] Whoops, no more bootloader

From: Ian Leonard (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 09:20:21 EST

On 2001.03.27 11:40:02 +0100 Bernhard Kuhn wrote:
> Ian Leonard schrieb:
> > flashloader downloaded the file but hung before the erase/write messages
> > were printed. I had to power off and now when I reboot I get no data from
> > the serial port. It looks like the bootloader has gone.
> AFAIK, the flashloader doesn't touch the bootloader area
> (first 128 KB of the flash rom) at all. So something realy
> bad must have been happend ... Are you sure that you
> have 9600Baud 8N1 and flow control off on your terminal
> program? (Sorry for asking this stupid question).

Right, thanks for that. I has assumed the bootloader had been
overwritten. In fact there was a break in the serial cable. Typical
for it to go wrong just at that moment, I had just moved the board
from one side of the room to another - big mistake.

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