[uCsimm] struct wait_queue using interrupts

From: daniel haensse (daniel.haensse@fhk.usz.ch)
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 10:36:51 EST

Hi all

The driver I wrote is going to get stuck in read (sometime the system
crashes by some kfree message). I think the problem is the pointer to
interruptsync_queue which is a pointer to a wait_queue structure. My Question
is who is going to allocate memory where the pointer interruptsync_queue point
to? It is initialized to null at initialisation of the driver. Do I have to call
interruptible_sleep_on first or allocate some memory? According to Rubini's
book this is not done?!

Thanks Dani

struct Mcpmod_Dev
  volatile struct wait_queue *interruptsync_queue;
} *mcpmod_devices;

  mcpmod_devices = kmalloc (sizeof (struct Mcpmod_Dev), GFP_KERNEL);

static int
mcpmod_read (struct inode * inode, struct file * filp,
             char *buf, int count)
  int read=0;
  if (mcpmod_devices->samplebuf_head==mcpmod_devices->samplebuf_tail)
      interruptible_sleep_on (&mcpmod_devices->interruptsync_queue);
      if (current->signal & ~current->blocked) /* a signal arrived */
                 return -ERESTARTSYS; /* tell the fs layer to handle it */



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