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Hi Dani,

in the meanwhile I'm closer to uClinux. But can you help me where to find
some docu about the interrupthandling on the uCsimm. Interruptprogramming
in assembler is no problem for me. I've experience on 68000(Amiga)/8051/
8031/6510. But how can I realize that on the uCsimm. Is the best way to
do that in low level assembler or in C under uClinux. Are there any
functions that are made available through uClinux?

Thx Martin

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Hi Martin,

I'm not sure if you're also new to linux?
A pratical guide to linux, Sobell (ISBN 0-201-89549-8)
Linux programming, Matthew (ISBN 1-874416-68-0)
Linux Application Develpment, Johnson (ISBN 0-201-30821-5)
Linux Device Drivers, Rubini (ISBN 1-56592-292-1)

There is not a (big) different in programming for your PC and for the
If you have installed the distribution CD, you can find a lot of code in
Maybe one of the Gurus can tell us what (big) means.


> Hi everyone out there,
> I am new on uClinux and uCsimm and I need some help. Can anyone tell me
> where I can get example Code from? Especially TCP/IP and Multitasking
> concerning.
> Thx a lot
> Martin Kirsch
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