[uCsimm] touchscreen

From: David Beckemeyer (david@corp.earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 13:26:55 EST

Has anyone actually got the circuit referenced in the FAQ to work
in real life:


It seems like this circuit uses +5V on the SPI lines instead of
3.3V. Is this okay?

And the *TOUCHED interrupt signal looks like it only signals the
interrupt for the currently selected axis (per the AXIS signal),
which seems to mean that it will only signal a touch when both
axes change, which makes it seem like you'd have to poll the
circuit anyway.

Can anyone supply working reference code for this circuit?

Does anyone have other uCsimm/uClinux EZ328 touchscreen hardware
and/or software they'd be willing to share?

Anybody have code for an ADS7843 (or similar)?

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