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From: David McCullough (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 23:00:59 EST

Jivin Bernhard Kuhn lays it down ...
> Hi!
> i have begun porting uClinux-2.4 for the uCsimm.
> Currently, it is possible to start the kernel
> and to mount root, but then the machine hangs
> while trying to open /dev/console.

It probably isn't hanging, it said it failed to open the console,
this means you won't see any more messages on the console until you
fix that problem.

First, make sure you have the latest code from CVS. There are
fixes in the 68328 serial support for consoles. There has been quite
a bit of change in CVS since the patch was cut if you are using that.

Then make sure your dev console is correct:

        mknod dev/console c 5 1

> I have discovered a lot of changes in
> driver/block/blkmem.c and fs/romfs.
> Maybe i need a newer version on genromfs?

You shouldn't need a new genromfs.

> Currently i am using that one provided
> by the Lineo Academix Student Kit.
> I have attached the boot log for those
> who are curious :-)

Looks close, you just need to sort out that console failing to open,
which I suspect is an old serial driver. I could be wrong.


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