[uCsimm] GDB remote debugging on Red Hat linux

From: leon_cheung (linzhang@hf.tvia.com)
Date: Wed Mar 14 2001 - 01:32:21 EST


    I venture to ask you for some help.
    I've got problems when I tried to debug programs over serial lines or TCP connection, and
I don't exactly know how to write the subroutines which gdb stubs need('getDebugChar', 'putDe-
bugChar', 'exceptionHandler' etc.). What I should use is the 'i386-stub.c', if you've got
a successful one about the subroutines, can I have them?
    In addtion, I should note here(I am using gdbserver, any comment on this?):
I compiled the ./gdb/gdbserver(target) and gdb(host) for i386-pc-linux-gnu. Then I

tried to run gdbserver with "./gdbserver /dev/ttyS0 PROG", but received the following:

readchar : Got EOF
Remote side has terminated connection. GDBserver will reopen connection. I get this
message when gdb on the host is running or not. gdb is running with "gdb PROG" and then
"target remote /dev/ttyS0".
    Should I initialize the COM1 firstly? How can I do that?
    Excuse me for troubling you so much, TIA.
leon cheung
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