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From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 16:12:02 EST

Daniel Haensse wrote:
> I still did not catch the idea of gray scales. The display is running in 2 bit
> mode for gray scales. So for each pixel I can set 4 values. Black, white x and
> y. There is a LCD Gray Palette Mapping Register with 4 bit for x and y. In the
> LCD Panel Interface configuration register it is possible configure
> sixteen-level grayscale mode (hope this is true for the ez as well). So where
> are the 2^4 values stored in 2 bits? In fact I can only choose 2 values out of
> the 2^4 values!!! Right?

The Gray Scale palette was just a passing thought, sorry to have
mentioned it. I have not done any investigation other than noting that
the EZ328 had that capability and was just musing on whether it could be
used to drive information to a color display. I guess that it depends
on which display that you choose, this may be what Palm did with their
color Palm III?


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