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From: Daniel Haensse (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 14:15:57 EST

> 2. Creating the bit colors to place into the LCD DMA RAM so that they
> will be presented to the color LCD in their proper order at the proper
> time. As to the proper order, you should be fine, the bits are not
> successive and not divided up in interleaving raster lines (they get
> presented 8 bits per dot on the line). You just have to pay attention
> to which half of the byte that each nibble would be wired to (and maybe
> the ordering of the bits within each nibble: 1234 or 4321).

I still did not catch the idea of gray scales. The display is running in 2 bit
mode for gray scales. So for each pixel I can set 4 values. Black, white x and
y. There is a LCD Gray Palette Mapping Register with 4 bit for x and y. In the
LCD Panel Interface configuration register it is possible configure
sixteen-level grayscale mode (hope this is true for the ez as well). So where
are the 2^4 values stored in 2 bits? In fact I can only choose 2 values out of
the 2^4 values!!! Right?

> BTW. I am trying out my newly arrived copy of Kylix, pretty cool
> running Object Pascal from a linux box!
We had to learn Oberon (also a language of Prof. Wirth) at the university.
I think they came up to early with the compiler to the public. Instead of
programming quicksort and other thinks we had to reboot and try to code around
the compiler bugs.
Do you know the difference to object pascal? Thanks for you answers. Have fun.

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