Re: [uCsimm] uCbootstrap and FLASH problems

From: David Beckemeyer (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 11:38:46 EST

> b) In the other hand, when I try to set the AUTOBOOT environment variable:
> uCbootstrap v1.04 Copyright (c) 2000 Lineo, Inc.
> Copyright (c) 1999-2000 Rt-Control Inc.
> All Rights Reserved.
> AUTOBOOT not "yes" or greater than 0. Ignored
> FLASH type 00c0 [AT49BV1614]
> DP|001000 DP|002000 DP|003000 DP|004000 DP|005000 DP|006000
> DP|007000 DP|008000 DP|00c000 D-|010000 D-|018000 D-|020000
> D-|028000 D-|030000 D-|038000 D-|040000 D-|048000 D-|050000
> D-|058000 D-|060000 D-|068000 D-|070000 D-|078000 D-|080000
> D-|088000 D-|090000 D-|098000 D-|0a0000 D-|0a8000 D-|0b0000
> D-|0b8000 D-|0c0000 D-|0c8000 D-|0d0000 D-|0d8000 D-|0e0000
> D-|0e8000 D-|0f0000 D-|0f8000 D-|100000
> B$ setenv AUTOBOOT 3
> .......B$ printenv
> FACTORY=uCsimm (c) 2001 Lineo Canada Corp
> REVISION=uCsimm Rev 3.3
> HWADDR0=00:50:C2:03:6a:c5
> SERIAL=980437319-01ac5
> B$
> The AUTOBOOT variable is NOT set to 3 (or any number!!)

I'm seeing the same thing with the uCsimm modules I just received
which have the same uCbootstrap v1.04 and FLASH type 00c0 [AT49BV1614]

If the bootloader can't set the variables, it's a pretty good guess
that flashing images won't work. It seems like there must be a problem
with this rev of uCsimms.

I still have a number of older uCsimm modules that work fine, so I
can get by for a while, but I hope Lineo gets a fix for this soon,
before I run out of the older uCsimms.

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