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Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 01:34:47 EST

You should be able to accomplish this using the EZ328's grayscale mode. If
you tell it to use 16 grayscales you should be able to get 12-bit color.
The drivers might be a bit odd, but it should look nice.

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Daniel Haensse wrote:

> Am Mon, 12 Mär 2001 schrieben Sie:
> > Daniel Haensse wrote:
> > >
> > > So there is a difference in the lcd-interfaces. I had a look at the optrex
> > > displays, but it supports only one bit per color (3bit=rgb). Is it possible to
> > > interface the display with a analog voltage to the data bits to generate scales
> > > (Resistor network)? Tom, can you tell me a manufactor?
> >
> > Sorry, it seems that I misunderstood your question. You wanted to
> > interface to an LCD Monitor rather than an LCD Display?
> No, you did understand my question. Sorry for my Germish ;-)
> If you look at the optrex color display they use the 8 bits of the lcd interface
> to map it on the rgb pixels. One line is r1g1b1r2g2b2.... for d8,d7,d6,d5,d4...
> d0-d7 is a digital interface (no resistornetwork, no analog voltage for
> brightness)!? How is it possible to display scales? In my example with the
> optrex display it would have to turn a bit on and off for consecutive
> frames to obtain scales?!
> Dani
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