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From: liu qingyao (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 01:58:47 EST

Phil and all:

>gdbserver should be working. I'll check on this again sometime this
  from by
>At ucsim:
># ./gdbserver :3000 /bin/mytest
>Process /bin/mytest created; pid = 19
>code at 10cb6390, data at 73e018
>Remote debugging using :3000
> I cann't catch the break :(. why?

  Maybe I found the problem, but I don't known why.

  the gdbserver must exec mytest from nfs, The arg "/bin/mytest" mean running from rom(right?), look like following:
# ./gdbserver :3000 /usr/uClinux/testing/src/mytest/mytest
Process /bin/mytest created; pid = 19
code at 7c0058, data at 73e018
Remote debugging using :3000
all is working

  The code position is different (one is 0x10cb6390,another is 0x7c0058).
   Perhaps someone can explain in details.

>Here is part of the manual
 Thank you! I learn much from the manual.

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